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Floating Production
We support oil companies, contractors, yards, and other maritime enterprises with our design and engineering expertise in all phases of newbuild and conversion projects. Our track record includes more than 20 FPSO conversion projects as main engineering group, several of them for the North Sea and Brazilian waters.Our reputation in structure and analysis is superb.

Leading FPSO Naval Architect

With a track record of more than 20 FPSO conversion projects, Inocean is one of the most experienced naval architects in the FPSO industry. Our FPSO conversion services cover everything from selection and inspection of tanker candidates to hull and topside structural engineering, marine systems, interfacing to topside and turret/mooring systems, technical documentation and drawings for class approval.

Scope of work

Inocean can contribute to each phase of a conversion or a new build, either by completing specific assignments or by taking on the marine hull engineering scope of the project.

Quick and predictable project management

Inocean ensures quick and predictable project management. We know the critical path and understand what must be done to limit the most cost-intensive repairs on a vessel during conversion.

Compliancy to Norwegian reqirements

This experience is important as floating production solutions move into harsher waters, such as the North Sea. During the last years Inocean has executed several projects in Northern waters,
where the requirements from regulators and oil companies can be extremely demanding.

FPU technology

Inocean typically involves as the hull designer for FPU PreFEED and FEED projects. Together with a topside vendor, Inocean forms a strong and competitive group.

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