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CAT I Arctic Drillship NCS
Arctic/Worldwide Drilling Unit


  • Overall design of the drillship 
  • Marine hull 
  • Structure 
  • Turret & mooring system 
  • Winterization 
  • Drilling in arctic waters 
  • Interface disciplines 

A fully winterized drillship designed for unsupported shallow and deep water harsh environment operation and for shallow water arctic operation with ice management support. Turret moored on shallow depth, well center midship for maximum operability. Arranged with maximum focus on HSE with respect to operation and maintenance. Minimized fuel consumption and environmental footprint. Dual hull shape with bow form optimized for open water operation and aft ship designed for ice operation. 

Some main features also includes : 

  • Drilling through turret
  • Single well center with offline standbuilding capabilities   
  • Optimized for efficient operation both arctic and open water   
  • Drilling, completion, work-over, RMR, well testing,