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Employees delighted with Inocean
Inocean scored high in a recent survey of staff satisfaction with their work. "Most gratifying and very important for the company," says managing director, Øystein D Nilsen.

The competition to recruit the best brains is stiff in a booming offshore industry. Many of the major players are running extensive recruitment campaigns and on the whole these are great times for engineers seeking positions.

No false security

“During upbeat times like this in our field it’s vital that we retain our employees,” says Øystein Nilsen.  “Salaries are certainly a key factor but we also know that competence development and job satisfaction mean a whole lot for the loyalty an individual feels for his or her company. Inocean wants to continue being a highly attractive employer.  The staff satisfaction survey carried out in June shows that our employees view us most favourably. Even though the results make for a good read, we can’t rest on our laurels – we will continue to seek improvements,” stresses Nilsen.  

Almost perfect

The survey carried out among the Inocean employees at the Aker Brygge offices in Oslo, included questions ranging from the physical and psychological work environment to communication, management and competence development. Regarding the question about how close Inocean comes to being a perfect workplace, the company scored 4.42 on a scale of 1 to 5. The average from comparable surveys in other companies is well under 4.