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Fruitful drillship visit
Last week a group from Inocean paid a visit to Corcovado, one of Ocean Rig's new drillships, currently at Raunes outside of Haugesund, Norway.

Inocean has been an engineering partner of Ocean Rig for more than 10 years, a collaboration that has included engineering support for the rigs Leiv Eiriksson and Eirik Raude.

Chosen for drillship-work

Inocean has also been chosen for work on Ocean Rig's four new drillships. That's why a group of Inocean engineers went aboard Corcovado last week. The drillship has operated off Greenland for the past three months and now it's being readied for new assignments in Brazil for Petrobras.

Getting the whole picture

"It's essential for us to get on board and check out the new vessels first hand," says Reidar Berthelsen at Inocean. "It's a matter of getting the whole picture and seeing the systems in an overall context. This enhances our approach when we start carrying out specific jobs. One of these will involve development of a frame system to use when Corcovado's thrusters are replaced. We now had the opportunity to study these facilities in depth and it was a valuable experience," says Berthelsen.


Inocean-colleague, Leiken Dahl Aasbø, was also impressed by what she saw on board. “The ship appears to be genuinely robust and modern. It’s all very high-tech, particularly everything relating to the drilling package. Being so new, it made an extra strong impression. We’re looking forward to working with these drill ships,” says Leiken Dahl Aasbø.