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INO LNG Containment System
New patented LNG containment system of IMO Type-B, developed by Inocean for application in LNG carriers and LNG production and storage units. The aim has been to develop a simple construction with minimum stiffening while maintaining the advantages of an all welded solid steel construction. A hemispherical top, a cylindrical mid part and a tori-conical bottom part is applied for best possible utilization of the floater hull.

9% Ni steel has been chosen to minimize the shell scantlings of the tank. The material has low thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion.

Sloshing of partly filled tanks is minimized by the geometry of the tank structure as well as damped by the bottom stiffening.

The favorable sloshing characteristics of the tank has been verified by CFD analysis (DNV).

The INO LNG Containment System design has special emphasis on:

  • simple all welded steel construction
  • minimum interference with hull deformation
  • sloshing safe
  • all other systems (insulation, cargo handling, secondary barrier) known technology