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Mobile Offshore Drilling
Inocean offers project management, design, engineering and site supervision services in connection with development, conversion and maintenance of Mobile Offshore Drilling Units. We also offer design and licensing of MODU rigs and drillships.


Inocean offers design and licensing of a series of modern MODU rigs from the M56 (Transocean ”Arctic”) to larger and new generation size units, like the Bingo 9000 design. The units are developed specifically with operations in harsh environments in mind. We have also developed drillships, as demonstrated by our MPF 1000 design and the INO 80TM.

Project Management

In a new build project Inocean can participate not only during the design phase but also during procurement, fabrication, installation and integration of the various main packages, as well as MC and commissioning.

Life time extension

A significant proportion of today’s rig fleet was built in the 1970s and 80s. This has led to an increased demand for maintenance and conversion activities. This trend is reinforced by the wish to extend the operating lifetimes of rigs. Inocean has contributed in the upgrading of units to handle the increased capacity needs of today.

Operational support

Inocean supplies design and engineering support both in the planning and execution of upgrade and maintenance projects. We draft, calculate and analyze challenges that relate directly to the improvements onboard, as well as mooring and transport. Inocean has extensive experience in this field as a result of its role in projects such as that of key engineer for Ocean Rig’s Erik Raude
and Leiv Eriksson rigs.

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