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Inocean has its own specialist environment that is tailored for this type of constructions. Our engineers handle all documentation relating to certification bodies and shipyards and have expertise in designing the most advanced mobile offshore drilling units operating today.
Drillship Cat IDevelopment of arctic drillship Statoil
INO-80Drill ship designInhouse/COSCO
SSDR BollstaHSE and compliance towards NCS.Hyundai HI
Inocean Marotec Giant 10kSemi submesible drilling unit newbuilding for harsh environmentInhouse
MPF01, drill ship Full design package in-house and class documentation MPF Corp
Eirik RaudeNew-building semi, marine/global structural design, MSAOceanRig
Leiv Eiriksson New-building semi, marine/global structural design, MSA OceanRig
Marlin Sul/ Roncador New-building semi, hull & stability AkerKværner
Navis Explorer New-building, mud-module structural design Navis
La Muralla Shelf 10 Semi upgrading, class appr. Documents IPC
Tor VikingUpgrading of VDL, structural design of new sponsonsViking Drilling
Borgland DolphinUpgrading semi to deep sea drilling, MSA documentationFred Olsen