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The 1970s saw the start of the Norwegian oil and gas adventure with daring engineers breaking barriers in the world's most demanding seas. As this dynamic environment evolved, Inocean emerged in 1996 as a firm of innovative naval architects, ready to drive developments even further.

Although Inocean has moved upwards and outwards globally, Norway is still our prime arena. Many of our customers are here. As new and promising fields continue to be discovered on the Norwegian shelf, we are tightly integrated into one of the world’s most active and attractive offshore markets.

Compliancy towards NCS and UK shelf

In recent years Inocean has been awarded a growing number of assignments on the Norwegian shelf from oil companies, contractors and others. Much work has been devoted to supporting international companies to international players seeking involvement in the North Sea and in the ocean areas further north. Most of them face major challenges in interpreting, implementing and documenting demands from customers, the Norwegian Maritime Authority and Classification regulations.

Here Inocean can save shipowners significant amounts of time, work, money and frustration. We assist by identifying relevant regulations and designing solutions and procedures that form the basis for documentation and for making vessels eligible for operation on the Norwegian and UK shelf.