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Offshore Wind
Since 2012, Inocean has been an integral part of the development and installation of three of the world's largest and most advanced offshore converter stations providing grid connections to offshore wind parks off the coast of Germany.
Borwin AlphaWorld's first offshore HVDC converter station. 400 MW. Offshore completion work, PM, manning, logistics, permitting ABB/ABB Inocean
Dolwin Alpha800 MW offshore HVDC converter station. Design, PM, construction supervision, installation, offshore completion, logistics. ABB/ABB Inocean
DolWin 2World's most powerful offshore HVDC station. 900 MW. Design, intergration, construction supervision, installation, offshore completion. ABB/ABB Inocean
Next Generation PlattformNext generation offshore HVDC station tailormade for offshore fabrication. Concept development and design, structural design, systems design, interface and installation procedures.ABB / ABB Inocean