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Inocean Poland brings us crucial marine engineering expertise. With the office in Szczecin, we cover all engineering disciplines within the construction of offshore vessels.

A reservoir of expertise

Poland's Oder River runs right through the middle of Szczecin, one of the country's oldest cities. This town has long shipbuilding traditions. Two shipyards here in Szczecin have built state-of-the-art tankers, and other ships. The kind of expertise you find in and around these yards is hard to find in Norway. We saw that this could be turned to our advantage, and in 2006 we decided to establish an office in the city.

Ship design

Inocean’s office in Poland has an excellent ship design environment. The design of the new generation of icebreakers for the Oder and Vistula Rivers is an good example.

Three departments

Today, Inocean Poland has nearly 30 employees. These are ship and marine engineers with solid experience from yards and equipment suppliers. They work in one of three departments:

Hull and Stability, which produces structural class drawings and stability calculations.

Marine Systems, which handles construction of ship systems.

Pipe Construction, which works with 3D modeling, detail engineering and fabrication drawings for FPSO pipe systems.