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Inocean has played a pioneering role in the conversion of tankers to FPSOs. Extending the life of older vessels represents a key asset for shipowners in fast-track projects. Inocean has designed FPSOs for some of the world's largest oceans including the West African Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico and the Norwegian Sea.
OCTP GhanaConversion, hullYinson Production
Papa TerraFPSO conversion of ULCC. BW Offshore
BW AthenaFPSO Conversion for the North SeaBW Offshore
BW NisaFPSO conversion of ULCCBW Offshore
BW PioneerFPSO conversion of Aframax for GoMBW Offshore
LundinFPSO Concept StudyLundin Petroleum
BW Cidade de São VicenteFPSO conversion of Suezmax for benign watersBW Offshore
Knock AllanFPSO conversion of VLCC for West AfricaFred Olsen Production
Dhirubhai 1 (Aker Smart 1)FPSO conversion of VLCC for offshore East coast IndiaAker Floating Production
Yuum K'ak' Naab Ku-Ma-Za FPSO conversionBW Offshore
DeepProducer 1DP FPSO conversion of Aframax for GoM deep water operationFPSOcean
MPF01Design and construction of FPDSO drilling and production floater for harsh environmentMPF Corp
Knock AdoonFPSO conversionFred Olsen Production
Berge HeleneChinguetti FPSO conversionBW Offshore
Knock Nevis/ Jahre VikingFSO conversionFred Olsen Production
Sendje BergeOkwori FPSO conversionBW Offshore
Berge HusSendje Ceiba FPSO conversionBW Offshore
Petrojarl IIFPSO general design and layout Golar Nor
Petrojarl IUpgrading, structural strength and fatigueGolar Nor
Foinaven FPSO, Petrojarl IVNew-building, transfer loading structureGolar Nor