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Our presence in the offshore renewable energy sector recieved a boost in 2012 with the establishment of Inocean AB (former ABB Inocean AB). The group in Gothenburg, Sweden specializes in management of offshore wind integration projects.

Inocean AB undertakes engineering and project management activities including fabrication supervision of platforms required for offshore wind connections. The move is aimed at accelerating the build-up of offshore competence to support offshore wind power integration.

The main focus for Inocean’s renewable business has until now been Thornton Bank, DolWin 1 and DolWin 2 – all of them huge offshore wind farm development projects in Europe.

Floating wind turbines

Inocean is continuously supporting the development of new methods for the production of renewable energy. Our active role in SWAY, with world leading technology and expertise on floating wind turbines located in deep water, is an example.

Electrification of offshore platforms

Inocean is also working on the development of specialised ships for installation of offshore wind turbines and electrification of offshore platforms..