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Special Vessels
Inocean has worked with the design and development of several new ship concepts for the offshore market during the last couple of years. These include FLNG vessels, icebreakers, heavy lift vessels and ships for the installation of offshore wind turbines.

Building on our strong marine knowledge

Our strong marine knowledge combined with core skills and experience from many conversion projects means that we can develop such concepts more quickly, more smartly and more effectively
than many others.

The entire process

We can help our customers through the entire process, from concept development to design and engineering work at the detail level. We can also undertake the planning and coordinating role
from A to Z.

An example

Our icebreaker project in Poland is an example. Here we won the assignment to design a vessel which is likely to be the first of a new series of icebreakers for the Oder and Vistula Rivers. They will replace the current fleet of river icebreakers consisting of many 30- to 40-year-old units. As designer Inocean is responsible for all phases of the job, from conceptualization, basic design
and detail design to supervision of construction at the shipyard. This first icebreaker is scheduled to begin operating when the icy season starts in winter 2013/14.


FLNG technology has been developed in Inocean since 2004. Our qualified and patented LNG containment system can be implemented into FLNG vessels - new builds as well as conversions.