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In the past 15 years Inocean has been awarded several engineering contracts for riser and cable projects, as well as for lifting operations.

We develop, evaluate and analyse methods and strategies for this that secure an efficient and safe process. At the same time, based on our management and ownership of the EPC supplier Anchor
Contracting, and assisted by its engineering capabilities, we cover product areas such as subsea drilling systems, riser systems and field development.


Our main product is the mid-water arch (MWA). MWA is a buoyant support structure for risers between the seabed and floating units. In recent years, the company has delivered MWAs to installations in the Gulf of Mexico, the North Sea, offshore Brazil, the
Far East and Africa.

Highly efficient

We also provide suction-embedded, gravity-embedded and gravity anchors. Deliveries have included EPC(I) supply of the anchors, the mooring lines (chain, steel or fibre ropes) and all accessories needed. In addition to standard types of anchor, the company provides its own suction-embedded HiCap® Anchors and HiVel Anchors, which are highly efficient for use in catenaries and taut mooring systems, respectively.